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Skiing, snowboarding, sports and pure adrenaline. That's what the Corno alle Scale ski area offers, where you can enjoy skiing on the longest slope in the Apennines (2,600 m). The resort looks like a large natural amphitheater that fans out from the 1945 meters of Corno alle Scale to Scaffaiolo Lake.

Because of these characteristics, Corno alle Scale is the ideal place for families and children as well as for athletes and ski clubs, which up here can find the ideal environment for training. Finally, the racing sector is particularly significant, thanks to the presence of the Slalom Stadium, perfect for races. At Corno alle Scale you will be able to find 11 slopes of which 5 are blue (suitable for beginners or those who are advancing), 4 are red (of medium difficulty, suitable for skiers who are already experienced) and 2 are black (suitable for experienced skiers with high technical skills).

More than 80 percent of the slopes are served by snowmaking systems. Starting this year, Corno alle Scale is the first Carbon Neutral resort, thanks to a project offered by Piquadro Group aimed at offsetting all emissions from the operation of ski lifts and artificial snowmaking. The tons of CO2 have been offset through certified carbon credits generated by a high-quality reforestation project, fully controlled by Carbon Credits Consulting , which affects the tropical forest with the most biodiversity in the world (the Cerrado in Brazil) generate multiple co-benefits such as the recovery of degraded land, restoration of biodiversity and native forest, and improvement of the quality of life of local communities.

Skiers attending Corno alle Scale can take advantage of two very simple and convenient online services to purchase ski passes. The first is available on the Corno alle Scale website (Ski passes, rentals, ski school and mountain hotels | Corno alle Scale). The purchase of the ski pass can be done directly from the smartphone. In case the customer already has a Snowit card, simply enter the card number at the time of purchase...... and he/she will be ready to ski. No lines, not even to pick up a new card. The second is by using the TelepassPay app.

Again, purchasing the Skipass is fast and intuitive: by opening the Telepass Pay app, you can define the number of people (maximum 4) for whom to request the service, and the Skipass will arrive directly at home, or it can be picked up at the Punti Blu or affiliated establishments at the station. It will then be enough to associate the Skipasses with the names through the app and bring them closer to the turnstile reader at the lifts to start skiing.



  • Ski School Corno alle Scale Loc. Polla. Tel. 0534 53676 - 338 8725768
  • Free Style Ski School Loc. Polla. Tel. 0534 53136 - 348 8126166 - 328 5508814


  • Sky System - loc. Polla. Tel. 0534 53739 - 333 8391756
  • "2G" - loc. Polla and loc. Rocce. Tel. 0534 53030 - 331 3228573
  • Ski instructors Corno alle Scale - Loc. Polla. Tel 0534 53676


  • Le Malghe - loc. Le Malghe - Tel. +39 379 2397029
  • Le Rocce Club - loc. Le Rocce - Tel. +39 333 1733209 / Email
  • Baita del Sole - loc. Polla - Tel. 0534 53030 - 328 4631015 - 348 2864526 / Email
  • Cavone - loc. Cavone - Tel. 0534 53390 - +39 338 642 8743
  • Duca degli Abruzzi - loc. Lago Scaffaiolo - Tel. 0534 53390 - + 39 347 7129414 / Email
  • Chalet delle Terme-Tavola del Cardinale - loc. Polla - Tel. 0534527027 - 353 4513509


Corno alle Scale has inaugurated a new collaboration with the Terme di Porretta, to offer mountain lovers special ski & wellness packages that provide the opportunity to relax for a few hours in the 34° thermal pool or to take advantage of massages and mud baths suitable for post-sports activity recovery.

These are all available for purchase online at our online shop.

  • Skipass + water path + mud + massage - Weekday skipass, two days, spa admission (Water Path including sauna from 2 to 4 hours) + 25-minute massage + mud with shower, one for each type of service to be divided over the two days - € 131.00
  • Daily skipass + water path + sauna - Weekday skipass + water path including sauna from 2 to 4 hours - € 48.00 Morning skipass + water path + sauna - Weekday morning skipass + water path including sauna from 2 to 4 hours - € 43.00


Experience the magic of winter by reaching the slopes by public transportation to take advantage of great deals on equipment rentals as well.

For more information on active promotions click here.


Thanks to the online shop on the resort's website, it will be possible to purchase, along with the ski pass, a series of experiential packages related to the many historical, cultural and environmental opportunities offered by the area. Additional services capable of making a simple weekend of skiing a special vacation. A one-stop store that allows customers to purchase a stay in a hotel, book a meal in a mountain hut or restaurant in the area, but also sign up for a snowshoe hike organized by mountain experts, or book a hike among the enchanting white views that Corno alle Scale offers.


Compete with your co-workers, friends or schoolmates on the slopes of Corno alle Scale. This is the new offer proposed by the instructors of the Corno alle Scale ski school, which includes the possibility of organizing corporate, social and school ski competitions with a track available, bibs, timing, race direction and ski pass at a reduced price.

Info and costs: ski school Corno alle Scale tel. 338 8725768

SKIPASS PRICES SEASON 2023/2024 all info available here:

Ski slopes

Slope nameMax. altitudeMin. altitudeLenghtHeight differenceDifficulty
Alberto Tomba 1194514202400525Rossa - Nera
Alberto Tomba 2170014201400280Rossa
Direttissima Lago170014201300174Nera - Rossa
Del Sole16531462800191Nera
Del Cavone173014411000191Rossa - Nera
Campo Scuola1509142060089Verde
Stadio dello Slalom160014601000200Nera
Duca degli Abruzzi166014601000200Rossa
Snow Park172014411000279 

How to arrive

You can reach Corno alle Scale following these routes:

  • from BOLOGNA: Autostrada A1 exit "Sasso Marconi"; turn toward Porretta Terme. At Silla turn right toward Gaggio Montano / Lizzano in Belvedere.
  • from PISTOIA: Autostrada A11 exit "Pistoia" keep on national road (Porrettana SS64) toward Porretta Terme; from there follow direction to Gaggio Montano / Lizzano in Belvedere.
  • Public transport: regional train from Bologna Centrale to Porretta Terme then bus number 776 from Porretta Terme to Corno alle Scale.