Quattro ponti sul Reno

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Four bridge on the Reno river

Posted on 24 January 2024

Quattro ponti sul Reno

A long and pleasant route on Emilia Romagna's most important waterway, allowing you to discover bridges and places of important historical and architectural value. The loop touches some of the most characteristic places in Casalecchio.

It starts from the Filanda, a large hemp-processing factory erected in 1851 by a group of noble and wealthy people from Bologna, and immediately crosses the first bridge, beyond which develops the Garibaldi district. Going along Via Tripoli and then Via dello Sport and Via dei Mille, one encounters the Blogos Youth Center and the City Hall.

A few meters ahed stands the Ponte della Pace (Peace Bridge), with its rich design of steel ropes and wooden deck, until reaching Romainville Park. The path will lead under the bridge itself, walking along the riverfront until reaching the bridge over the Reno, on Via Porrettana. It is likely that already Etruscan and Roman settlements had built a bridge over the Reno; over the centuries this has been renovated or rebuilt several times; in the mid-19th century it appeared as a beautiful and imposing construction; after the Allied bombings in '44 and '45, only a pile of ruins remained of the bridge. The new bridge was opened at the end of 1946.Walking along the latter you will arrive in Piazza del Monumento ai Caduti; from here starts a comfortable walkway to the Lido.

A narrow road leads up to Via Ronzani, which you have to follow for about 800 meters, when a sign indicates the destination for the footbridge. The return trip is through the Parco della Chiusa to San Martino; then follow the bicycle path in the direction of Bologna back to the starting point.