La collina, le ville e l'eremo

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The hill, the villas and the hermitage

Posted on 24 January 2024

La collina, le ville e l'eremo

The loop trail, suitable for cyclists of average technical ability, starts from the Parco della Chiusa. It follows CAI route 112 VD, along the Via degli Dei, a link between Bologna and Florence across the Apennines. It crosses the footbridge over the Reno river and, after the sports facilities, reaches the paved Via Allende.

Near the junction with the Porrettana road, it is advisable to follow the bicycle path to Faianello Park, thus avoiding proceeding on the state highway. From Faianello, you will cross the Porretana and take Via Rosa.

From here the route becomes more challenging, climbing the beautiful Casalecchio hill, through vineyards and rows of centuries-old oaks. Along this stretch you come across Villa Marescalchi, built in the 18th century and renovated in 1811 by Antonio Marescalchi. Shortly after, you will reach the Eremo di Tizzano, a monastic complex from whose front lawn you can enjoy a splendid view of Casalecchio and Bologna.

From here the road proceeds downhill to the Marullina district, where you can stop at the park of the villa of the same name, built in the second half of the 15th century and restored and enlarged in the 17th century, now home to prestigious offices of various companies. Then follow Via Manzoni, then Via Respighi and cross the Bazzanese road. Following the signs for the train station, you will come to a ramp that connects with a bicycle path. Proceed until you reach a traffic circle then straight ahead again, taking via Ugo Bassi and then via dei Mille.

You will arrive in front of the Ponte della Pace; you can cross it or choose to continue along Via Tripoli to the new Filanda bridge. From here you can follow a section of the Four bridges path all the way back to the Parco della Chiusa.