Castel di Casio dall'alto

Castel di Casio

Castel di Casio
Castel Di Casio is a small town with a charming atmosphere, thanks to the alleys of the historic center of clear medieval architecture.
In the central square stands the ancient tower, visible throughout the beautiful Limentra di Treppio valley.
Castel di Casio is just a few kilometers away from Suviana Lake, an artificial reservoir created after the construction of a dam, much frequented by water sports lovers, who can practise canoeing and windsurfing. The shores of the lake also hosts some equipped picnic spots, as well as perfect trails for relaxing walks in the nature, hiking or mountain biking, even challenging ones, such as the one that reaches the summit of Mount Calvi.
A few minutes from the town lies the village of Badi, where you can visit the baroque Church of San Prospero and the rural buildings of Ca' Vecchia, as well as the Perìo Spring, whose purest and clearest water gushes out in a small park.
Also interesting is the Oratory of Sant’Ilario, a small 12th-century church with a single nave and semicircular Romanesque apse; inside you can admire some 16th-century frescoes.


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