gaggio montano

Gaggio Montano

gaggio montano
Gaggio Montano is the only mountain village where you can find a lighthouse.
Built in memory of the village community's resistance during German reprisals on the Gothic Line, it is a monument dedicated to the fallen of the two world wars. It has become the symbol of Gaggio Montano and is located on the summit of Sasso di Rocca. The path that leads to it starts under an elegant arch and continues with its more than 150 steps. From the peak of the ophyolite boulder you can enjoy an enchanting view of the entire valley. Strolling through the center you can see ancient buildings such as Casa Tanari, Palazzo Pasi and Ca' del Ponte.
Just a few kilometers away lies the ancient village of Rocca Pitigliana, where you can admire the church dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo, resulting from the transformation of an ancient matildean castle placed on a sandstone outcrop, which gives the complex highly evocative elements.
Gaggio Montano is located along the Ciclovia Appenninica, Italy's longest cycle route, 1,600 kilometers long, which crosses almost the entire length of Italy, from north to south.
From Gaggio Montano it is also easy to reach the Corno alle Scale Regional Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Emilia-Romagna: this area is purely mountainous and hosts the magnificent Dardagna Falls, not far from the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Acero.
About 16 km away from the town stands the village of Pietracolora, where you can visit the church dedicated to Santa Lucia, of ancient origins, completely rebuilt in the 1950s. The origin of the name seems to derive from "Préda Cloreda," literally “colored stone”, a name probably due to the presence of multicolored fossilized plants, in particular remains of silicified fossilized logs.



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