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Monte San Pietro

Monte San Pietro
The municipality of Monte San Pietro extends around the middle and upper basin of the Lavino stream. Its location has always had a significant military and strategic importance. This area witnessed the construction of numerous castles, fortified villages and fortresses until the year 1000. Just a stone's throw from the town lies Calderino, an ideal destination for an excursion to discover fascinating views and its picturesque hamlets, nestled among green woods and gullies. In the surrounding area you will find many historic buildings, fascinating examples of ancient mountain architecture.
A stone's throw from Calderino stands the ancient Church of Amola, first mentioned in 1300. Inside, you can admire one of the most valuable paintings of the city of Bologna: the "Via Crucis" made by Mauro Gandolfi in 1792, consisting of no less than 14 paintings.
Near the church is Ca' dei Ghedini, a structure dating back to the 15th century that features interesting ornamental architectural elements, including romanesque caryatids and an ancient mascherone.
In the municipality area, it is really worth visiting Badia and its ancient Abbey of SS. Fabiano e Sebastiano built in the 12th century. The building played an important role along the road to Rome, as a shelter for pilgrims. Its structure is a fascinating mix of religious elements, such as the cloister and monastery, along with other civil elements such as the small main tower. The Church of San Giovanni Battista in Monte San Giovanni is home to one of the oldest organs in Bologna, dating back to the 16th century, which is still working. This church represents an important piece of musical and religious history and is definitely worth a visit. The hamlet of San Martino di Casola hosts an extraordinary collection of vintage motorcycles called the Bruno Nigelli Collection, which has more than 300 pieces from different eras; many of these examples are unique pieces of inestimable value.

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