Parco Eolico Monterenzio


The municipality of Monterenzio is located in the Bolognese Apennines, southeast of Bologna and covers a wide area between the Idice and Sillaro valleys. Of considerable interest is the archaeological area of Monte Bibele, a site of significant historical importance. This archaeological site will give you the opportunity to understand the life and culture of the ancient peoples who inhabited the Bolognese territory. Researches have brought to light the remains of a village inhabited by Etruscan and Celtic peoples between the early 4th and early 2nd centuries B.C. and its necropolis, consisting of about one hundred and seventy tombs, all of which feature rich grave goods that offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of these ancient civilizations. Near the center of Monterenzio, on the other hand, is the "Luigi Fantini" Civic Archaeological Museum, a must-see for history and archaeology enthusiasts, in whose rooms are preserved many artifacts from the archaeological area of Monte Bibele. The area of Monterenzio is crossed by one of the most fascinating and ancient routes in the territory: the Flaminia Minor, which reaches Arezzo. A project commissioned by the consul Gaius Flaminius, today the Flaminia coincides for long stretches with CAI path 801, a very impressive trail that climbs the long ridges between Idice and Sillaro. Along the way you will also enter the Casoni di Romagna Wind Park, from which you can enjoy a unique panorama ranging from the Emilian hills, to the arid Apennine ridges of this area.

Not to be missed for nature and wellness lovers is the "Villaggio della Salute Più" with its spas and Aquapark .


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