Castel d'Aiano

Castel d'Aiano

Castel d'Aiano scorcio
Castel d'Aiano is an enchanting municipality located on the mountains around Bologna, not so far from the city. From there you can admire the Reno and Panaro valleys with an enchanting glimpse over Mount Cimone. The area is an ideal destination for vacations as it is situated on a pleasant green hillside.

The territory offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions, for example the one to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Brasa, destination of many pilgrimages since in that place, according to a popular tradition, there was an image of the Madonna hanging from an old chestnut tree. Another destination is the Orrido di Gea (literally "Gorge of Gea"), a fantastic place, improperly called "gorge", a natural canyon rich in water and caves. Here flows the Gea stream, immersed in dense vegetation, with its tiny waterfalls and emerald green whirlpools.

In this area you can also admire the Cave of the Wild Man, a natural cave named after the person who inhabited it according to a popular legend, the Labante Caves, which, with their 54-meter-long are the largest travertine caves in the world. They present a totally hollow rock that creates a unique karstic phenomenon.

It is worth visiting the hamlet of Rocca di Roffeno, a small, well-preserved jewel where you can admire the splendid Abbey of Santa Lucia, once a hostel for pilgrims on the Via Nonantolana, the Pieve di Roffeno and the complex of Torre Jussi. Interesting is also the small village of Sassomolare, a classic fortified point perched on three hills, from which you can enjoy a stunning panorama.


Piazza Nanni Levera 12, 40034, Castel d'Aiano (BO) 
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