Parco Monte Sole


Museo Etrusco Pompeo Aria
Marzabotto is a must-visit destination for those interested in archaeology, particularly in the fascinating Etruscan culture. Evidence of this are the ruins of Kainua, one of the best-preserved Etruscan cities in Italy, dating back to the 6th century BC. Also located within this archaeological area is the National Etruscan Museum, named after the memory of Count Pompeo Aria, who helped gather the first pieces of the extraordinary collection of the Etruscan artifacts.
The town's strategic location, crossroads between Emilia and Tuscany, made it a crucial center even during World War II, when Marzabotto, particularly the Monte Sole Historical Park, became the theater of the bloodiest Nazi massacre in Italy, the Eccidio di Monte Sole, perpetrated by the Nazis in the fall of 1944 against partisans. In the town center, a shrine commemorates the civilian and military victims who lost their lives during this tragic event, while near the summit of Monte Sole, which can be reached by several routes including the "Memorial," that links the symbolic sites of the massacre, stands a stele in memory of the partisans who sacrificed themselves in these valleys.
Since 1989, the protected area has focused not only on preserving and enhancing the natural heritage, but also on promoting a culture of peace, especially for the younger generation. Today the park is an ideal habitat for a wide range of animals, including roe deers and several species of woodpeckers. It is also an excellent starting point for hikers and long mountain bike riders, thanks to the vast network of trails marked by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), which allow visitors to explore the park's most remote and fascinating corners.  In addition, nature trails allow you to observe animals in their natural habitat and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature. For those who wish to discover the park from a unique perspective, there are several riding stables that offer horseback riding tours for everyone.

Not far from Marzabotto is the Pliocene Contrafforte Nature Reserve, which offers breathtaking landscapes characterized by gullies and narrow valleys, typical of the Bolognese Apennines area. The picturesque village of Panico is very suggestive, where it is possible to admire the splendid Parish Church of San Lorenzo Martire, dating back to the 12th century and recently restored. This church has three naves and a semi-circular apse.


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